In the market since 2017

Top Traders Team

We’ve founded few major projects for the crypto trading market

The biggest crypto trading telegram channel “Top Traders Analytics” with 53k subscribers
Own software
Crypto projects solutions and consulting
Top Traders Academy with more than 2000 alumni

A Team of professional Traders

TheTop Traders Team was created in 2018. Starting 2020, an internal day trading team has been formed with 70+ of the best Top Traders Academy alumni

We are pleased to speak on Binance Streams

We provide consulting services, teach and have weekly / monthly webinars. Our team is often part of the international conferences and events.

Alex Zukutoke

DayTrader, Daytrading Futures course designer

Speaking on the “ Finance Futures Trading Tactics and Strategies on the Bull market” stream

Daka Daniyar

Partner and academic director of Top Traders Academy

Binance webinar host “Market psychology - to take emotions and market noise over”


The DayTraders Team results can be checked real-time in the TraderMakeMoney diary.

TT Team was a part of trading competitions getting top ranked positions.

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